Office Plant Hire Sydney

Plants are a vital part of life and can really change the way your business is perceived. Perfection Plant Hire offers the office plant hire Sydney businesses need to create the professional look you’ll want for your business. We understand not only the design element that plants bring to any environment, but also the mood that they can provide when they are arranged in the right manner. Our experience providing plants of all kinds for businesses of all calibre works to your advantage. Let us show you what your business can be like with the right plant life.

Energy and Beauty from Plant Hire

Contact us at Perfection Plant Hire today to see the difference plants can make in your office. We have provided plants to businesses just like yours and look forward to showing you the difference they can make in your environment. Get started with a free quote by filling out the ‘Request A Quote’ form on this page or by calling us on 02 9970 8059.

Tambour Planter Boxes

Sydney Office Plant Hire Indoors and Out

Perfection Plant Hire provides the best office plant hire in Sydney because we are a full service plant hire company. We not only provide all of the plants you need inside of your office, but we can also make sure that you are getting all of the plants you need for the outdoor areas of your office as well.

When providing you with our plant hire solutions, we supply everything from the plants to the specialised planters that each plant will need to keep thriving. We maintain the plants and will replace plants as seasons change or as your needs change.

We develop plants to make sure that your office is getting the exact look you want from the best office plant hire Sydney has to offer. Let us put our 30 years of experience to work for you today with great plants for your office.

Plants play a vital role in life and when you live and work in a concrete jungle, it becomes even more important to have greenery around you. Today, most people are in their workplace for extended periods of time and adding office plants in Sydney to these spaces is one way of creating a better environment for your employees. But that’s not all- adding plants to the interiors of offices, goes a long way in improving the ambience and image; this in turn changes the way clients perceive your business.

Reputed Company

Perfection Plant Hire is a well-established and leading company for Sydney office plant hire. We know that just dotting your office or business place with plants is not sufficient. The placement has to be planned in such a way that it enhances the design element and the mood of your environment. We have over 30 years of experience in this field and have catered to businesses and offices of all sizes.

Customised Solutions

Our expansive nursery is located conveniently in Ingleside which is only 30-minutes away from the Central Business District. This gives us the ability to provide you with quick and efficient services. In addition to providing all the right indoor plants for your business, we can also provide high quality outdoor plants which will complement your outdoor areas and create a seamless look on your premises. Ours is a family-owned and operated company that is highly focused on customisation and every one of our clients receives personalised services.

Comprehensive Services

We are a complete office plant hire Sydney Company and supply everything-right from the plants to specialised planters which are required to ensure that all the plants thrive in their indoor environment. Our service includes;

  • Watering & fertilising of plants
  • Dusting & polishing of plants
  • Removal of any spent foliage
  • Relocation of the plants within the space on client request
  • Replacement of plants – which maintains high standards
  • Planter pots cleaned of scuff marks
  • Premises left in a clean & tidy after each service

The Benefits

When we are requested to supply office plants for hire in Sydney, we plan everything to perfection and work with you to achieve the exact look you want. There is no doubt about the fact that when you add plants to office spaces, it:

  • Increases the morale of your workforce
  • Improve workplace efficiency
  • Helps improve indoor air quality
  • Reduces dust levels
  • Improves occupant satisfaction
  • Helps demarcate spaces
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces noise

We are the specialists when it comes to long-term indoor plant hire and provide outstanding and consistent services to the corporate market in the Sydney metropolitan area. Our plants can be hired for a minimum of 12-months; this becomes a cost-effective solution for you, as our expert team of technicians handle everything to your 100% satisfaction. For all types of Sydney office plant hire, call Perfection Plant Hire on 02 9970 8059. Alternatively, send us an email and we will respond within 24 hours.