Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Combat Pollution…

Everyone knows of the aesthetic benefits of indoor plants, and the positive psychological and physical effects they have on people, however not until recent studies have we been able to prove the value of indoor plants in removing toxic gases from the work place and making it a healthier environment.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contacted Bill Wolverton, an environmental engineer, to conduct research into house plants combating pollution. Knowing that plants recycle oxygen, Wolverton reasoned that they might break down pollutants as well. He then exposed plants with high concentration of different chemicals inside sealed chambers. The results were impressive. Within 24 hours, Boston ferns, chrysanthemum, dracaena and ficus benjamina were able to remove 90% of the formaldhyde, benzene and trichlorethylene.

Ronald Wood, research associate in the Urban Horticulture Unit of the University of Technology Sydney says ” Plants have been shown to be effective in the abatement of pollutants, removing much that is a threat potentially lethal. Chemicals are absorbed into the plants through the leaves, and bacteria associated with the roots help break down contaminants which are taken up as nutrients.”

Plants improve health in the workplace

Considerable academic research has been carried out which shows that plants can improve health in the workplace. The research proves that plants reduce complaints of minor ailments, generally improve the feeling of well-being and also reduce stress levels………………………… View PDF article

International Symposium confirms plants improve health, air quality & quality of lives..

Conclusive proof emerged from the Plants for People Symposium, ‘Reducing Health Complaints at Work’, held at the Floriade, Holland, that plants can dramatically affect the quality of our work and home lives, with significant health benefits resulting…………………………………View PDF article